Ready, Set, Launch

PharmaIntelligence is the only framework available on the market that offer full automation and full integration of products sales and forecast data with your ERP, CRM and PLM platform.
PharmaIntelligence, Pharmalogic’s flagship product will revolutionize the way you manage your product portfolio, its forecasts, NPV and analytics.

PharmaIntelligence was developed based on more than 10 years experience in leading global pharmaceutical companies, in order to solve challenges in the portfolio management domain, which is currently done, in most companies based on manual data manipulation and Excel. Map market overall sales data to your product portfolio with our unique and exclusive algorithm and all the rest will be done automatically.

PharmaIntelligence will alert you for any market changes on different levels:

  • new molecule
  • new dosages
  • new strength
  • new packs by market, country and ATC
Full alerts for sale changes (drops , growth) in value and volume on month\quarter basis.

PharmaIntelligence Built in connectors for:

  • SAP
  • Oracle Apps
  • Microsoft ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • MS Project Server
  • Siebel
  • Dendrite Cegedim and others
ETL tools integration using:
  • IBM Datastage
  • Microsoft SSIS
  • Informatica
DB paltforms supported:
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL-Server
Busines intelligence platforms supported
  • IBM Cognos and TM1
  • SAP BO
  • Oracle OBI
  • QlikView
Full integration with leading search engine
  • Google
  • Bing
  • SharePoint Search Services
  • OmniFind Enterprise Edition

Pharmaintelligence Add Ons

what`s new

Dec 2014

New release 2.001 is available

Jul 2014

Full integration with FDA Orange Book is available

Jan 2014

Excel 2013 Power Pivot template is available for BI analysis

Jul 2013

Versioning control on Forecast Module is now available.

Jan 2013

New release of Forecasting module with scenarios is available

October 2012

New release of Forecasting module with competitors molecule integration is available.

Apr 2012

API mapping module is now available

jul 2011

Coverage and market share analysis for launched products

Apr 2011

CRM Sales force Analysis module added.

Mar 2011

Multiple dynamic version control on all forecasting templates.

Jan 2011

Competitors analysis module now fully functional.

Nov 2010

Focus analysis module now fully functional.

Aug 2010

Microsoft SQL-Server based version released.

Jul 2010 Web Client released. Featured to replace oracle client side app.