Business driving software house

  • Streamline your product portfolio
  • Optimize your forecast and NPV. Monitor and share it.
  • Store and manage your strategic assumptions centrally
  • Share knowledge amongst stakeholders
  • Be first to launch
Pharmalogic GPM (Global Portfolio Monitoring) is exclusive software house for the pharmaceutical industry.

Our software suite provides the toolset for maximizing the Pharma enterprise's competitive edge. Our team of experts has extensive knowledge and experience throughout the drug industry's different domains. Our team of IT experts and business consultants have been working for market leading Pharma companies around the globe for more than a decade. There is one domain that is consistently challenging to all Pharma companies: product developing from idea to launch.

Complex challenges trouble the stakeholders in the portfolio domain:
  • Keep promising studies under radar
  • Choose the most suitble products (taking int assumption coverage, nich products , technology advantages ect.)
  • Choose products that align with corporate strategy
  • Maintain your products forecasts and assumptions with a long time frame (in most cases more than a decade)
  • Monitor those forecasts across the product development long lifespan
  • Prevent "brain leaks" when key stakeholders move to other companies taking their Excels with them
  • Integrate this knowledge with the enterprise IT ecology.
None of these requirement was consistently met in one information system. The strategic value of such a system was apparent to us, and we came together to answer our clients’ needs.

Pharmaintellignce was developed as a software engine with a suite of modules that can be customized to answers these requirements, as well as other of our clients specific needs. It is a software engine we can use to tailor fit to your organization.
Our development methodolgy adheres to the most strict of quality assurance standards. We are ISO certified. And we can accomodate additional quality methodologies as requiered by our clients corporate regulations.

Our focus is value and quality implemetation of our technology.

We know our clients business, we understand their challenge, we have the technological expertise to tailor our unique solution to answer the pharmaceutical industry needs. Our experience in IT projects has taught us that good tools are not enough. Our commitment to quality, standards and software best practices will ensure that the implementation of our software will be a fruitful value driver for your organization.