Pharmaintelligence is a dynamic customizable framework with the following functional domains

Portfolio management.

Tailored to suit the requirements of big pharma, the product management module's architecture is designed to suit and comply with your Product<>Project hierarchy and to maintain all your master data fields.

Sales data integration.

Our sales integration tool will will map your product to market sales data provider such as IMS. Mapping is an optimized sophisticated tool (no one to one manual mapping) Once mapping is is in place, sales data can flow into you production systems on a regular basis. Because mapping is in place any market changes to your product ecology (Such as changes to molecule, salt, dosage strength etc.) will be monitored and alerted.

Forecasting and NPV.

Our forecasting tool was built with a set of strict premises:

  • You know you product market and enterprise best.
  • The reality in the pharma industry changes and you need to respond to monitor and to learn from it.
  • People will always revert to their existing tools. i.e. Excel.
These premises guided us in the development of a sophisticated dynamic Forcasting/NPV engine. Keep your forecasting templates in Excel, modeled on your existing files. We will advise you on improving your modeles to get the most out of your available data. Once you create a forecast for a product (on any level: Product, strength, pack) a runing instance of youre template will be injected with up to date sales data and forecast assumptions gathered from throughout your systems.Then download you Excel for further analysis. When your done, upload the file back and all the new assumptions and Forecast information will be captured back into the system to be visible and shared by all permitted users. Versions of the forecast are saved on every step so you have a detailed history of products evolution.


Implement detailed project plans with MS-project fully integrated into our suite.

Studies management.

Product lifecycle starts of very early. Keep your radar on for early stage studies, FDA and EU approval statuses and what the R&D world is doing.

Integrate into your enterprise.

Our data model was designed to integrate seamlessly into your enterprises IT infreatsructure: Run pharmaintelligence in Sharepoint, integrate it with MS-Project, feed actuals data from SAP. Our team of developers will use top of line ETL and datawarehousing methodologies to give you one, streamlined system. Incorporate your Finance, ERP, CRM, and master data managemet for use with our tool so no aspect of your data environment is out of your reach.


What good is data if it does not translate to knowledge? Every aspect and field in the system can be analysed and reported on. Our set of predefined reports which are hosted on a BI portal, will serve you as a starting point to design and invent your reporting own environment.
Our team of BI developers will be at your service to built reports and to provide you with tools so you can create your own.

Speacial Analysis

Our system provides unique reporting opprtunities to keep you in front of you competitors, with one click, running a report you can:
  • Focus analysis: On the one hand, we have a mapping of product to market sales data. On the other hand we have your inhouse products and statuses. We will provide a sophisticated focus analysis of the market so you can have all product opportunities on your radar.
  • Competitor analysis: want to know the competitive landscape of you products? Who the players are, what other molecules compete on the therapeutical class, what countries are prominent for the product and more.
  • Market Share
  • Coverage analysis

Add ons.

Our framework is further extendible to custom built addons


  • Regional Portfolio Management
  • GR&D Management
  • Global Operation for launching
  • Regional R&A Management
  • PEF analysis
  • Site transfer analysis (allocation DB)
  • Focus Analysis


  • Sales force activities analysis + visit cycle time analysis
  • Sales force activities analysis vs. actual indirect sales
  • Sales force activities analysis vs. competitors sales (need local IMS data)
  • Sales force frequency analysis
  • Sales force utilization analysis
  • Tele-sales orders analysis

Sales Direct (sell in sell out)

  • Sales Analysis
  • Sales vs. workplan

Sales Inirect

  • Indirect Sales Analysis
  • Scheme Analysis
  • Promotion Analysis


  • Customer \ product profitability analysis - Local profitability base on direct and indirect sales
  • End to End costing


  • Pricing and competitors pricing comparison
  • Market share analysis
  • Coverage and potential analysis
  • Competitors analysis

Our software architecture and development methodology adhere to best practices of abstraction and seperation of concers:

We maintain business logic and core functionality on internal layers of the architecture - creating an engine. Thus we are able to integrate our solutions to what ever requierments and custom development your front end user interface may require.


  • Portfolio Management
  • Sales data integration
  • Forecast and NPV
  • Versioning and auditing
  • Excel templates and automation
  • Central knowledge datawarehouse
  • Diverse analytics
  • Studies management
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Product Focus Analyis
  • IT ecology integration